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Questions to ask your agent: Buyers and Sellers

Entering the property market can be daunting for anyone. With the unknown looming, the questions you ask your agent make all the difference. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, knowledge is power, and in regards to property, your knowledge is your best asset. So here are a few questions that you should definitely raise up with your agent, whether you are buying or selling…. Read more »

Apartment or House? What is the better investment?


Debunking the age-old debate on what is a better investment, a house or an apartment. With the influx of buyers entering the property market, this question has arisen more than often. So, when we talk about capital growth, what is a better investment? A house or an apartment?

Firstly, land always increase in value … Read more »

The Rental Process and Shining Applications.


What is the rental process and how do we go about making it the best it can possibly be?

There are a few different methods of rental applications out there now, but the general consensus is that the documents and processes are customary.

So, you’re in the rental market, … Read more »

Seizing the day or Sleeping all day?

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Yes, the concept sounds amazing. Wake up energized, go for a run, read a book, meditate, drink 1L of water, recite the periodic table and eat a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Easy, right?

While I am a massive fan of the ‘Seize the day’ mentality, I also am also a massive fan of the pyjamas all day and sliding around … Read more »

First Home Buyers FAQ’s

Recently in the real estate market we have been seeing an increase in first home buyers entering the property market. While this process is exceptionally exciting, it can also be daunting trying to figure out all the ins and outs. So, we thought we’d dive right in and answer some of those FAQ’s…. Read more »

Robina Buyers

We could boast about Robina non-stop as it has been the home of our office for 20 years!

The Strength in Caring

Life can suck, for better or worse words.