The Strength in Caring

Life can suck, for better or worse words. Some of the things that life throws our way, should pretty much leave us in a ball in the corner of our rooms. Loss, heartbreak, hopelessness, disappointment, and betrayal; we don’t really understand these emotions until they are looking at us right in the soul. We don’t understand them because what make these emotions scary is that they adapt to individual situations. Each time we experience heartbreak, it will be specific to the person, place, and time. This begs the question; how do we deal with these situations? If there is no way to avoid these emotions and if we can’t prepare for them because they are individual, what do we do to protect ourselves? The concept of perseverance has been on my mind recently. How much can we withstand? What should we withstand and what should we let go of? I think it’s important to understand the difference between avoidance and outlook. When we go through difficult situations a common reaction is to avoid. Avoid through not discussing and avoid through victimizing ourselves and I’m wanting to focus specifically on the later. Victimizing ourselves. I fully believe that every obstacle we encounter we need to take it on. Let ourselves wallow, feel like a small little pebble at the bottom of a dark lake, fall into the dark place and really accept the fact that right now and here, we feel horrible. There is nothing wrong with feeling horrible. I think it’s healthy to acknowledge and validate how we feel. But what happens after we’ve done that? Does the world then look at us and pity our pain and reward us with greatness? Or alternatively, does the world not care?

As scary as it is, how we choose to view our lives is entirely up to us; and that can be devastatingly scary, or it can be soul inspiringly liberating.

There is a lot of strife in the world at the moment, at to not acknowledge that, would be to not acknowledge ourselves. But amongst the strife and heartbreak and sadness, there is also so much beauty. People are falling in love, achieving their dreams, meeting people they connect with, and if we acknowledge the bad, we must also acknowledge the good. The bad will not get better if we only sit in that. There is good in the world, there is good in us, and finding a balance is what will give us a life of plenty.

Life can suck. We should let those moments of our life suck. But we should also let the moments of our life that are great be great. That beautifully brisk sunny morning and the laughter of a stranger are all a part of our lives, and they are beautiful.

There is a strength in caring about things; caring about people, and especially right now no matter if we are sitting in an office or having a meeting, the strength that comes with caring is something that we should strive for. It really does make all the difference.

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