The Rental Process and Shining Applications.


What is the rental process and how do we go about making it the best it can possibly be?

There are a few different methods of rental applications out there now, but the general consensus is that the documents and processes are customary.

So, you’re in the rental market, looking for your next big move, scrolling through, domain or something similar and you stumble upon the perfect home, idealist, and in your price range. You quickly message the agent, eager for an inspection and information about the application process, turn up at the inspection and are bombarded with the mammoth crowds of eager potential tenants. Panic starts to set in, how will you get your dream rental?

First, we need to understand the process of leasing.

When a property is put on the rental market and applications start to filter in, the main questions that us as agents ask, are as follows.

  1. Can they sustain the rental with 30% of their income?
  2. Are all their proof of ID and Income documents present?
  3. What is their rental history?

There are a few more nitty gritty ones, but these are the big boys on the block.

When you are filling out an application this is the outline that we follow:

When preparing your rental application, especially now when the market is a high velocity bullet train, you want your rental application to stand out. To do this, ensure that all relevant information is present, and that the leasing agent won’t have to follow up. This might vary between agencies, however, we, at Crasto Properties, follow this outline.’

We require:

  1. 3 of your most recent payslips
  2. A current bank statement.
  3. 2 forms of ID. (drivers Licence and passport)
  4. Rental Ledger (If applicable)
  5. Contact details for your current residing address (if renting through an agency we need their email address and phone number.) (If renting privately we need your landlords’ email and phone number)
  6. Proof of employment (Please make sure your employers’ email and phone number is on the application)
  7. Ensure that whoever will be on the lease, fills out a separate application form. 1Form will connect your applications together but we need separate 1Form applications with all relevant documents for all leasing parties.
  8. References: We need two professional references (Employers/managers, current landlords, colleagues). We will accept 1 nonprofessional reference.
  9. Children under the age of 18 that will be residing with you do no need to fill out an application but need to be stated as occupants in the OTHER OCCUPANTS section in the application form.


  1. Cover letter
    1. if your lease start date does not match up with the properties available date please detail why in an attached cover letter and if the date is flexible or not.
      1. If you are wanting to offer a different amount in rent, please put that amount in the cover letter and detail why (Current circumstance that affect a change in rent price)
      2. What is your reason for looking to rent?
      3. Are you looking to buy/sell in the future?
      4. And if you have pets, just a quick little pet information blurb about him/her

With the cover letter we just want to get a general idea of you and your circumstance. Please note, that if it is yourself and your partner or friend/s applying, all the above required documents MUST be present on each person’s individual application. We cannot proceed in processing your application if we do not have this information for everyone.

There are many factors that go into the rental process, however, making your application the best it can possibly be starts with information and ends with workability. In an ideal world we would get to sit down over coffee and tea cake and get to you know you. Let’s, call it the dating of the real estate world. As much as the employment information, previous rental information and such are important, at the end of the day, real estate is a people business, we work with people, so making your application as human as possible so we can get an idea of who you are is just as important as anything else.

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