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The NBA and Life

The NBA. Some would say the quintessential sport available to us, some will not give it a second thought. Wherever you are sitting with the sport, it is irrelevant, because the facts are that the discipline and art of athletes, especially in the NBA is something that we all should study.

We all experience hardships, it’s not up to any one of us to discredit … Read more »

I’m what you’ve been searching for.

From the place we’d rather be; Tuscany. Looking through the rustic Tuscan architecture makes me nostalgic for a time I haven’t experienced.  The warmth and serenity that comes from the architectures screams, “I’m what you’ve been searching for”. While I wish I was writing this sitting by the pool outside a small stone cottage looking out into the Tuscan mountain, I will do my best to vividly imagine … Read more »

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs.

An easter egg hunt. It is likely that yourself and many of those you know have engaged in the ever-exhilarating easter egg hunt. We scavenge and search for the hidden treasures and hold onto them as though we are Gollum clutching the One Ring. As a child, easter was this perfect day where I was able to eat chocolate for breakfast and to … Read more »

What We Stand For.

In life we are presented with moments that challenge us, inspire us, and change us. We argue, we love, we find joy and stress, but what is it all for? We have a life so full of everything, good, bad, and ugly and the bad and ugly seemed to be the moments that test us the most and bring forth the question, what is it all for? What … Read more »

The Sellers Market

The current market has got everyone – sellers, buyers, renters and agents alike – absolutely flabbergasted. This wild and independent path that the market is on is unlike anything we have seen and there is not a better time to up your knowledge on what is happening at the moment.

In the past 3 months we have seen an increase in sales prices rising up … Read more »

International Women’s Day

International Women’s day. Today, the 8th of March, we join in solidarity to celebrate and commemorate the efforts, both past and present, to create a world of equality. We take this day not purely to acknowledge that while we live in a world whose history can at times showcase our worst parts, but today, we take a moment to relish in all that we have overcome as a … Read more »


Negativity. What is it? Is it anger? Frustration? Sadness? We hear a lot about the energy we bring into a room and the energy we bring to those who are around us. But are emotions other than happiness and joy and love truly negative? Just because we have an opposite reaction to them compared to that of joy and love, does it really mean that the emotion is … Read more »


Denmark. The stylish and effortlessly beautiful danish lifestyle has been envied and ogled over by nearly every person who is searching for a thriving lifestyle. The word hygge describes a cozy and at peace state of being. From the bundled-up tots wandering around in their head-to-toe snow get up, to the chic 20 somethings gathering on rooftops with their friends drinking good wine and enjoying even better company. … Read more »