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The story of Atlas; condemned to spend eternity holding the heavens on his shoulders. A punishment that was deemed worse than death. Life, can and will, throw us Atlas moments, where we feel the weight of the heavens on our shoulders.

We live in a very beautiful world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that our lives are always sunshine and roses.

What … Read more »

Seizing the day or Sleeping all day?

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Yes, the concept sounds amazing. Wake up energized, go for a run, read a book, meditate, drink 1L of water, recite the periodic table and eat a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Easy, right?

While I am a massive fan of the ‘Seize the day’ mentality, I also am also a massive fan of the pyjamas all day and sliding around … Read more »

The Strength in Caring

Life can suck, for better or worse words.

A Summers’ Day At 1pm Kind Of Market.

The market is hot. A summers day at 1pm, walking barefoot on the road kind of hot. To the outside eye, this is the time to sell, with property being snatched up and the world at a somewhat stop and start, investing in the financial aspect of our lives is as prevalent as ever. So why are we hesitant to sell at the moment? Well, just as the … Read more »


Lockdown is once again upon us. As we sit working from home (As much as possible with Netflix beckoning us like the green light) or attempting to clean the house and make the most of our home time, the looming feelings that plagued many of us around April 2020, begin to arise.

While the future is unclear, what is clear is our current situation, so … Read more »


Kindness. To be kind. It’s such a gentle and somewhat petite word, but it is also world changing. Imagine that, something delicate and small having a cosmic influence. In a world that is seemingly getting colder, harsher, and falling into a “bad bitch” persona, how can a little eight-letter word really make some or any difference?  Where … Read more »

The Downside of, “It’s business”.


 “It’s just business”, “Don’t work with family”, “I don’t like to go into business with friends”. These kinds of phrases filter around quite a bit, and I’m sure that if you haven’t been on the receiving or giving end, you’re aware of their existence.  However, how much merit do these phrases really hold? And should we keep our personal … Read more »

The Beyonce Hinterland

Tallai, Mount Olympus, overlooking the timeless coastline and one of the most sought-after locations on the Gold Coast.  Beautiful homes that sit proudly, surrounded by heavenly hills, lush gardens, and amazing birdlife, complemented with some of the most spectacular views that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Tallai has always been my untouchable Beyonce, highly sought after and one of a kind, so call me … Read more »

Apartment Living

Apartment living

I’m sure there has been a time when we have all imagined a lush lifestyle in an upper east side apartment in New York, or a small Parisian nook nestled on top of a tiny bakery, if not, well, I’ll speak for myself, I absolutely have. 

So, what is … Read more »

Strength in Adversity

In the midst of a crisis what do we do? Do we fly? Or do we stand our ground and fight. During 2020 and the uprising of COVID-19, where we were trudging through uncharted territory, the idea of “making it through” was one that was barely foreseeable because how can you make it through what you don’t know? However, while we have not fully made it through the … Read more »