Robina Buyers

Robina. You have the town centre, you have Event Cinemas, you have Robina Pavilion and my personal fav, Robina lakes (Perfect for an early morning walk and being chased by the family of black swans).

With the Robina train station at your doorstep, access up to Brisbane is as easy as swiping your go card. This ever-evolving suburb offers a lifestyle of plenty. With plenty of iconic features to drool over, Robina is a wonderful base for families, young couples, and people after the convenience of having the world at your fingertips.


  • Well, we could boast about Robina non-stop as it has been the home of our office for 20 years! We are constantly loving the vibrancy and tranquility that surrounds us.
  •  Agnee Indian. If you’re after mouth-watering Indian food, then look no further. An absolute family run restaurant that showcases how families do it best ?
  • The Kitchens. What we absolutely love about the new addition to the kitchens is all the variety on offer. The open markets, Poppy’s chocolate, CINNABON!  Rosita Flowers, Mad Asian ( Unbelievably good), Saiko Teppanyaki ( Many of the date nights and catch ups have been here) and one of our all time favs, Mark Daniel’s Patisseries.
  • Robina Pavilion is a new addition to the Robina family and has come in swinging. This cosy tavern on the water offers a range of delicious food and ethereal outdoor seating. They are even renting out fire pits for some tasty marshmallow roasting.
  • TIMEZONE! Yes, it has arrived, and aren’t we glad.
  • The Robina Library. Now, call us simple, but there is something comforting about retreating to the library, picking out a few of your favourites and then venturing to the lakeside pathway that surrounds the library. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.
  • Robina Lakes are situated just behind the Rocket and are a lovely spot for an early morning. We highly recommend sitting by the bench directly in front of the rocket and watching the sunrise over the trees.
  • The EMF centre is in the heart of the kitchens, and this is what we absolutely love about it. The classes are phenomenal, with the staff being the only thing better. You have aerial yoga, barre, reformer Pilates, boxing, altitude training and the deadly Spin Express (The love hate is so real with this one)

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