Lockdown is once again upon us. As we sit working from home (As much as possible with Netflix beckoning us like the green light) or attempting to clean the house and make the most of our home time, the looming feelings that plagued many of us around April 2020, begin to arise.

While the future is unclear, what is clear is our current situation, so here are 5 things that will make your day better. Just because we are in lockdown, it doesn’t mean our life stops, this is not a “get out of jail free card” for time.

ONE | Test out a morning routine.

Being confined to our homes is the perfect time to test out different morning routines, whether we keep them when we are ushered back into the outside world or not is irrelevant. It is the daily challenge of trying a new thing. So here are some examples of morning routines that you can try, alter, live by, throw in the bin or whatever you deem fit.

1.     Wake up at 6am, stretch for 10 minutes, have a glass of water, go for a walk, get dressed, eat breakfast and then (and this is most important) do an activity, such as, list 10 things that come from learning a new language or write the importance of waking up early. Any activity that requires you to stimulate your brain. You will be amazed by the change that comes with stimulating knowledge in the morning.

2.     Wake up at 8, have a glass of water, go for a run (or a very brisk jog/walk, as I would do), make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or smoothie, sit near some natural light and drink your drink, have breakfast, get ready and once again get that 15-minute knowledge dose (15 reasons why exercise is important)

3.     Wake up at 5 (I know, this one starts scary), stretch for 10 minutes and then do three thirty second planks, have your glass of water, grab a book and sit and read for 15 minutes with a coffee, tea or just another glass of water, get showered and changed, have breakfast and then write down the affect that music has on our minds.

TWO | Write a book.

I know this one is like, “what! Write a whole book? I’m no Hemingway!” well look, no one is Hemingway, but being Hemingway is not a prerequisite for writing a book. No one needs to see this book and you can even throw it away after. Just start, think of your ideal life, the people, place, relationships, and the biggest problem your brain can think of and a real twisty way to solve it. Then, my dear friends, write it out. That’s it. See, not so scary.

THREE | Try baking a sugar-free dessert.

Okay, from personal experience, this one is not only challenging but you will more than likely really not like the outcome, but, EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE! You will not be defeated by sugar. When I say no sugar, I mean no sugar substitutes as well, no honey, maple syrup or stevia or sugar free chocolate (I’ll accept 90% dark chocolate). You can experiment with different fruits, such as bananas and berries, they make all the difference. If fruits really aren’t your thing, I guess a bit of honey will be fine. Go forth and take on sugar. Also, if you find a recipe that’s great let me know, I have unfortunately not conquered the sugar beast, as of yet.

FOUR | Try a 2003 YouTube Zumba class.

Trust me, this will change your life. Get some funky clothes on and have a good laugh at yourself.

FIVE | Izzie.

For those of you who haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy, life’s too short to not fall in love with Derek Sheppard. For those of you who have, harness your inner Izzie and bake away the boredom. Fill your house with tasty treats; cupcakes, cookies, healthy treats, non healthy treats, try a truffle, a tiramisu, a wedding cake! Filling your home with the scent of delicious treats is calming and will make your day a million times better. Not only will you have a lovely smelling home, but you will also have a paradise of desserts, your very own chocolate factory. Just make sure you have a great roommate or family member that you can bribe with your treats, in exchange for them cleaning the kitchen.

And that is it, five things that will make your day better. Take on lockdown and don’t let it see you crumble, you are Rocky and you will be victorious.

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