The story of Atlas; condemned to spend eternity holding the heavens on his shoulders. A punishment that was deemed worse than death. Life, can and will, throw us Atlas moments, where we feel the weight of the heavens on our shoulders.

We live in a very beautiful world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that our lives are always sunshine and roses.

What happens when we have a moment, day, month, or year where we feel like Atlas under the weight of the world? Do we ignore it? Deny it? Or, controversial opinion, do we fall into it? Perhaps the first step to moving on is establishing our start point; the weight of the world crushing us. Start point.

In all parts of life, especially in business, the virtue of our daily systems and routines ultimately determines our paths, but is it always a matter of fighting, when it comes to fight or flight?  Don’t get me wrong, without a level of grit and perseverance, none of us would have achieved the plethora of things we have to be proud of. However, the importance of taking moments where you accept momentary defeat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A reset. A chance to wallow with mounds of chocolate and a cozy sleep in. We push through so much that it is almost imperative for any success, to take a moment.

In the words of the great Kate Tempest, “The Gods are here, the gods are you. The gods are sitting at their desks, the gods are in their office blocks, the gods are sick of always giving more and getting less.”

Take a moment and open yourself to the worldly potential that we all have.

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