The Sellers Market

The current market has got everyone – sellers, buyers, renters and agents alike – absolutely flabbergasted. This wild and independent path that the market is on is unlike anything we have seen and there is not a better time to up your knowledge on what is happening at the moment.

In the past 3 months we have seen an increase in sales prices rising up by 20-30% higher than the traditional value of the property. In our office alone, the past few months have been paralleled by none in regards to industry success. With homes being on the market for a mere 2 days before being snatched up and owners receiving a $90,000+ price increase in the final sale purchase, this market is a deluxe – all expense paid trip to the Maldives and the sellers are resting easy.

For yourself, or anyone you know who is thinking of, or even possibly selling in the near future, knowledge is your power. While no one can accurately predict what a properties price will be, that is the beauty of the market. A market that is following its own trend and isn’t restricted by valuations and predictions is one that flourishes. For us to make the most out of this time, we need to understand exactly what is happening. With the unpredictability comes uncertainty, and if you choose to look at it with a glass half full mentality, anything and everything is possible. We need to open our minds and let go of control to be able to make the most out of this because we don’t know when it’ll end. All we know is that it’s here, so lets not miss this opportunity. If yourself, or anyone you know is looking to sell make sure you talk to an industry professional. This is your time to thrive in the market, don’t miss out because the markets wild trends are unpredictable.

Call the office now to have a chat about your plans and thoughts – at the end of the day – a simple conversation is all it takes to get an idea of the market we are in. It doesn’t have to be a daunting process, you just need to understand the power you have in your knowledge.

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