The NBA and Life

The NBA. Some would say the quintessential sport available to us, some will not give it a second thought. Wherever you are sitting with the sport, it is irrelevant, because the facts are that the discipline and art of athletes, especially in the NBA is something that we all should study.

We all experience hardships, it’s not up to any one of us to discredit another person’s experiences just because of our own current or past situations. We are knocked down, we are sometimes not just knocked down, but we are dragged, kicked while we are wounded and told we have no hope in getting up. And here is where the NBA comes in.

You persevere. Persevere with all that you have. Move forward. Stand up and preserve. You owe it to yourself a million times over to move. From the ground, one limb after the other, muster your strength and get back up.

In real estate, much like in life, we are presented with obstacles, ranging from small grievances to mammoth devastations, and these obstacles are inevitable. We don’t need to know who we are or where we want to go or what we want to do next. All we need to know is that whatever we are presented with, we have the ability to overcome it; don’t underestimate the power of faith.

People are going through hard times. Right now, it is a fact, without a doubt in mind, no matter what it is, we are struggling. But is that a bad thing? Is the struggle really a negative? We look to athletes, and admire them for the physical capabilities of their bodies, but how did they get there? How did Michael Jordan get to the point where he transcended from mere athlete to, as some would say, a God amongst men? Through playing every game as though it is his last. Because he has a passion and admiration for something and it is his duty, just like ours, to give all that we have to what we love. Even if that means working hard; working harder than you ever thought possible. Even if that means we will struggle; we will struggle in the pursuit of purpose. A sport like the NBA teaches us that we will struggle, we will fight, and while there might be individual places for certain players, we are here together and it is our duty to do the best we can for those around us, those who have come before, those who will come after and most importantly, for ourselves.

For what’s a little bit of pain on the path of passion and purpose?

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