I’m what you’ve been searching for.

From the place we’d rather be; Tuscany. Looking through the rustic Tuscan architecture makes me nostalgic for a time I haven’t experienced.  The warmth and serenity that comes from the architectures screams, “I’m what you’ve been searching for”. While I wish I was writing this sitting by the pool outside a small stone cottage looking out into the Tuscan mountain, I will do my best to vividly imagine it while giving you the tools to create the dream. Tuscan architecture isn’t simply a beautiful design that should be admired, it’s the inspiration of the lifestyle. The architecture, the fresh produce from a small market stall, the music, the history, the outlook on life, this all plays a part in the appeal toward Tuscan architecture.  When we redecorate or renovate, we are striving to create a different feel within our homes. Whether we are painting a wall black to make a statement or taking on the modern and sleek kitchen design, we are still engaging in a process that is leading us towards a feeling. If you are like me, then the upgrade to Tuscan architecture is one that speaks to your soul, whether you are nostalgic for a time that has passed through you or one that you wish had. Typically constructed with travertine or marble or limestone with terracotta roof tiles, the style has the ability to almost seemingly blend in with the Tuscan natural surrounding; subtle, but affective, seeping with an old Europe feel.

Thick stone exterior walls, terracotta roof and floor tiles, Outdoor living spaces and decorative iron elements flood the exterior. While stucco walls, textured ceilings and mosaic flooring are around every interior corner.

Picture this; it’s a warm sunny afternoon, the heat isn’t blazing but it’s enough for you to lounge around in some shorts and a shirt. You go for a quick dip in the pool, paddle around for a moment, get out and walk into your small limestone nook in your corner of the world, prepare a bowl of fresh fruits from the markets down the road that you always go to, and you sit outside, everything is quiet, and you sip on a cool drink and lazily pick at the fruit.

Never has international travel been more desirable. Romancing the world, Tuscany has instigated passion amongst writers, filmmakers and designers, more than any other region. The birthplace of Gucci, Vespa Scooting and Cavalli is inspiring to so many people. The style, grace and appreciation of beauty seeps into daily life. An attention to detail, a journey for perfect and a dauntless pride in local history, dialect and in Tuscany. The phrase “quality over quantity” is ever present in the ethereal architecture and lifestyle. It’s hard not to be completely in awe of a world that has a select few who have taken pride in the intricate delicacies of being alive.

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