Easter Eggs

Easter eggs.

An easter egg hunt. It is likely that yourself and many of those you know have engaged in the ever-exhilarating easter egg hunt. We scavenge and search for the hidden treasures and hold onto them as though we are Gollum clutching the One Ring. As a child, easter was this perfect day where I was able to eat chocolate for breakfast and to put my innate chocolate searching skills to use. However now, while most of us will still jump at the opportunity to scavenge for chocolate, what does easter really mean to us. To Christians, the easter holiday is a time to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. Easter is a very significant date within Christianity and is the foundation of the Christian faith. Jesus, the Son of God, fulfilled the prophecy and through his death, has given the gift of eternal life in heaven to those who believe in his death and resurrection. But to those who are not Christian, what is the importance of easter? Is it simply a holiday? Or is there something in this that connects all of us, no matter our religion, our history or our opinion about chocolate.

The death and resurrection of Christ is celebrated because it recognises that we can disperse our old way of living and be resurrected into our new life.  It celebrates the washing of sins and starting anew; for a faith in a better tomorrow, and that no matter what happens on this earth, we can experience eternal joy.

So to Christians, easter represents hope in a better future and gratitude for the sacrifice. However, whether you’re religious or not, easter can still be a day of hope and gratitude, one day where we acknowledge where we are and the hope of a better future, the gratitude of a past that has brought you here with the people in your life, with the dreams you have and the liberation of being able to start anew. To take a new day as what it is; a new day.

No matter if you’re hiding chocolate eggs under leaves or going to church or having lunch with your family, a day which encourages us to be grateful for the life we have and to have hope for a better future is one that I personally choose to celebrate. For it is a day that we all, no matter our religion, our history or our opinion about chocolate connects us, because there is something beautiful about being grateful for where we’ve come from, where we are and the hope we have for our future.


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