The Purple Flowers

Once upon a time in a kingdom of blissful beaches and lush hinterlands, there lived a girl called Kate. Kate lived in a big green castle surrounded by trees and birds, with a small tortoise called Rafael who resided within the castle with her. Life was good. She spent her early mornings on the balcony of her castle, overlooking the moat that sheltered her from the rest of the kingdom. Further as well, to the other castles that were accompanied by trees and parks and the family of swans that made their way through the water.

However, one morning, Kate got a letter delivered to her doorstep. She took the letter upstairs to the balcony, sat down with Rafael who was soaking up the morning sun, and opened the letter. She read the words printed of the page, a singular sentence that she had to read over. She then put down the letter and looked out to the moat that use to give her the security of being separate from the world. But at this moment, the world had broken through the safety of her castle and made itself at home within her world. The letter, was simply written by her father, it stated that Kate’s mother had passed away.

News began to travel around the kingdom of the loss, and soon mountains of letters were sent to offer condolences for Kate.

Belle and Nathaniel, two friends of Kates, had heard the news and decided to visit her. When they arrived, the castle was quiet. Belle and Nathaniel walked inside to find Kate going about her day. Before speaking a word, they walked in and gave her a hug, they had brought food so that she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking and beautiful purple and pink flowers and simply decided to be in her company. To Kate, their decision to come over and see her made her heart warm with love. She hadn’t seen them in a while, but the fact that they were there, in the loss of her mother, gave her comfort in the family that she did have around her.

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