The Metric of Greatness in Real Estate.


A great real estate agent. Whether you’re selling, buying, or renting, a truly great real estate agent obviously makes all the difference. However, what is the measure of success when it comes to greatness in the real estate world? The traditional thought is that if an agent is wearing fancy clothes, driving the brand-new Audi R8 and lives in a million-dollar mansion, then that agent is successful. But, is that the real measure of success in real estate?

Social media has made it exceptionally easy to create a character of ourselves that we want to show the world. Especially with real estate, and I guess the outward logic is quite simple. An agent living in a flashy house, supporting a Rolex must be wealthy, thus must be making a lot in commission and if they’re making a lot in commission then they must be great at selling properties, and you want someone great to sell your home.

However, someone’s measure of success, begins and ends much deeper than the cute little Rolex wrapped around their wrist. It takes thought and self-evaluation, to determine our own value of success, so why do you assume that when determining someone else’s success, it is as easy as looking to where they live?

We don’t measure our success by the fancy houses, a parade of luxury cars and lush weekend getaways to the Whitsundays. Do we appreciate these things? Absolutely, but they are not our metric of success. These “instagramed” novelties are not a quick guide to get to know us. We value honesty. We value human interaction. Kindness. Respect. Unfortunately, those metrics are not as often advertised with the same gusto as the alternative.

So, you are looking for a great agent. Good, the distinction between a real estate agent and great real estate agent will make all the difference, but the tell of a ‘great’ agent comes from how they treat you, the respect they give you as a seller, buyer, landlord, tenant, and person. While the fancy cars and extravagant houses are wonderful, they do not determine the worth of an agent, because as we all are first, we are human, and that stands apart from our material possessions.

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