So, you’re selling, inspections and open homes are just around the corner and there is that magic in the air of that special someone walking into your home, falling in love with it and the rest is history. Let’s doll ourselves up for a love story.

Here are five steps to easy staging to bring out the best of your property.


Let’s shine some light on our home. Imagine walking into a light filled home that is being swept up with an easy breeze; this is what we are going for. The easiest, and in my mind, most beneficial enhancement, is simply opening our homes to the outside world and turning the lights on. It is an immediate energy shift that makes all the difference.


Take a page from the spring clean handbook; declutter. Keeping your home as tidy as possible will give people the opportunity to be inspired by what you have done with the space. I love this one, because it allows us to acknowledge the greatness of your home in the present while giving people the opportunity to dream of all that it could be.


Focus in on the fresh. As simple as it is, take an open home or inspection as a wonderful opportunity to buy some beautiful flowers, and when everyone has left, you will have a lovely flower filled home.


This is a more personal touch that some agents might not like, but I’ve found that this little added extra, lifts the energy. Music. As a creative outlet, music has always been able to inspire happiness, excitement, joy, so why don’t we bring some of that to our open homes? There is something special, especially with Gold Coast real estate, when you are at an open home that welcomes and comforts you with music. Check out our open home playlist that has had its fair share of admirers.


Make your bed. No, I’m not talking about the amazing book by William H. McRaven ( Great book that I definitely recommend). Something so simple, make you bed, wipe down the counters and give the floors a quick clean. That’s it, number five, give your home a little TLC.

Preparing your home for sale doesn’t need to be a massive uproot, and it shouldn’t be. This should be a fun and exciting time so finding ways to bring out the best of your home should be easy and done through what you can find at your local store.

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