A new page is being turned. As an agency we have spoken about what we value and the kind of people we want to be. We’ve spoken of the importance of kindness, empathy, and integrity. Now to back up our words we are starting a new initiative. We are lucky enough to be in contact with many people, engaging with local businesses and families so I believe that it is important that we use this platform to spread hope. Hope in a time where people might be in the dark and grasping for a life raft.

So, our new initiative, FAIRYTALE ACTS OF KINDNESS. We are on the lookout for acts of kindness, note how I didn’t say ‘random’ acts of kindness. We are looking at ourselves and those around us who subconsciously act with kindness, not randomly but simply within their present presence. FAIRYTALE ACTS OF KINDNESS is about acknowledging people being good, spreading awareness of the little things we do that have a butterfly effect of kindness.

FAIRYTALE ACTS OF KINDNESS are real life accounts of acts of kindness witnessed within our family and from those in our community. These acts of kindness are told through the fairytale story world of Belle, Nathaniel, and Kate; to create a world where our initial reaction is kindness.

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