Political Correctness.

Political correctness. While it feels a bit daunting dipping my toe into this whirlpool of a topic, I feel as though it is important to be able to discuss our views, whether they are the same of vastly different. So here goes, I am officially opening myself up to the wrath that comes from discussing topics on the internet.

My father was born in India, my mother in Denmark and I, a lovely little resident of the sunny Gold Coast ( Tugan if you want to be specific. Yes, I am well aware I was close to being a blues supporter). For those of you who have met my father, you would know that he is not afraid of discussions; many difference of opinions have been discussed in our household, some trivial, some not. However, the one topic that I have always found interesting is his view on political correctness. I could continue to try and give an insight into his mind but I thought it’d be better to hear straight from the horses mouth (To Dad, no, I am not calling you a horse it’s simply an expression).

So here it is.

The horses mouth:

Being born in India, it made me think of how do I feel when I am referred to as “Indian”. Are they referring to me as Indian in a derogatory manner based on the colour of my skin, accent, mannerisms or the generalizations in society? Or is the reference to the word “Indian”, being used in a positive manner, relating to its rich and ancient culture, its beautiful food, natural beauty and diversity? Or, is it being used as a matter of fact to just state my place of origin?

Every one of those references brings up a variety of emotions and reactions. It makes me realize that the word by itself has no meaning. When you add the “ Context”, the “Deliverer” and the “Recipient”, that changes the whole picture. And, again, if any one of those three changed, the picture would alter again. And, even if all three stayed the same but the emotional state of one of them was different on the day, then again, the whole picture would tell a totally different story.

It is easy to see the challenges of political correctness. If as a society we continue down that path, then, even introducing it as a subject in schools and universities would do very little towards ensuring a harmonious society. So, should we be caught up in political correctness, by focusing on any word in its solitude? Or should the emphasis be more on living with understanding and contentment on our individual position in the world?


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