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Jun  Yang 杨俊

Sales Consultant

m: 0451 017 003

about Jun Yang 杨俊

Jun Yang was born in China, a beautiful seaside city called Qingdao. She came to Australia in 2009 and graduated from Griffith University majoring in Business Administration. For the last 7 years Jun has worked in sales and management for one of Australia’s leading retail establishments where she has honed her selling, management and customer service skills. Jun achieved new standards for her sales results and always was in the top of the sales targets achieved in Australia.

Jun found her interest in Real estate through helping her vast connections in China whom she has helped purchase their dream homes in Australia. Jun is currently studying a degree in property valuation through Deakin University to gain further knowledge in the property market. In the past 2 years she has assisted in over $8 million property transactions.

Jun understands that real estate is one of the largest investment of a person’s life. It is not just a financial process, but it is also attached with emotions and memories. She is passionate about helping buyers to find the ideal property to suit their needs
and wants to help sellers to connect with the right buyers who can truly see the value of their new purchase.

Jun is fluent in speaking Mandarin and English and for relaxation she enjoys fishing, camping, hiking and making new friends, her easy going personality, genuine and honest character is part of the reason why she is well connected in the local community and overseas.

Jun met Chris Crasto in early 2017 and was enlightened by his vision in business and ethics. Chris has been involved in the Gold Coast real estate market since 1997 and has a strong local reputation which is built on immense knowledge, experience and success in all aspects of real estate. Jun was invited to partner with Chris and head the Asia-Pacific Division within Crasto Properties. Together they are committed through authentic actions to use their local expertise, enthusiasm and international connections to bring you the best real estate results whether you are selling, buying or renting your property.

杨俊出生在中国一座美丽的海滨城市青岛。她2009年来到澳大利亚留学,获得了格里菲斯大学工商管理学士学位。 在过去的7年里,曾在澳大利亚前50强公司做行政管理,工作期间的锻炼和磨砺, 使她汲取了丰富销售,客户服务和行政管理的经验,在职期间她不断在业绩上突破创造新的基准,个人不但屡次获得公司的嘉奖,她所带领的团队绩效在全公司也一直保持遥遥领先。

她通过在中国良好的人脉资源优势,了解到了许多中国人在澳洲希望能拥有一个美好的家园,却对海外置业还存在着许多盲区和困惑,因此她对房地产行业产生了浓厚的兴趣。目前她正在迪肯大学进修房地产价值评估学位。在过去的两年里她促成了8百多万的房地产交易。她明白房地产置业是一个人一辈子最大的一项投资,不仅仅是在经济上,房产更融入了一个人,一个家庭深刻的情感和回忆。 俊热衷于帮助买家们找到理想的,适合于他们需求的房产,帮助卖家们连接到真正合适的买家。

俊能用中文和英文流利的沟通交流,她喜欢钓鱼,露营,爬山,结交新的朋友, 个性平易近人的她,真诚诚实,这也是她在当地和海外都交友甚广的原因。

2017年初,俊结识了Crasto Properties 澳大利亚开拓地产公司的创始人Chris Crasto (克里斯)先生,受到了他的商业眼光和职业操守的启迪。Chris (克里斯)自1997年起在澳大利亚著名的旅游城市黄金海岸经营地产生意,至今在当地已经拥有了强大的口碑,他的优良声誉源于他在地产业界丰富的知识,经验和成就。Chris邀请了俊作为合伙人掌舵开拓公司亚太地区的业务。无论您是想要出售,购买或租赁您的房产,Chris和俊将致力于利用他们的本土化优势以及他们对房地产事业的热忱和他们的在国际上的人脉和连接,为您带来最好的成效。

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